International relocation

Are you planning to move and looking for a company that offers top quality relocation and kind service?

AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS is one of the most professional relocation firms in Lithuania with many years of experience in international relocation as well. We have been engaged in international relocation, diplomatic cargo and transport business for over 20 years. Various embassies, international companies and natural persons coming to live/moving from Lithuania use our services.

International relocation services become more and more relevant because people often choose their places of residence and career abroad, especially, because there is a possibility to take a part of home with them.

The increased demand in international relocation services became the main reason for incorporation of AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS.

We know relocation causes many other troubles to people, so saving the client’s time and peace of mind is what we call the duly service rather than just moving the stuff from point A to point B. The help of AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS professionals makes international relocation easy and resolves the relating issues efficiently. Our aim is to make relocation from/to the foreign states fluent, operative and high-quality.


  • International relocation worldwide;
  • We have been offering the professional international relocation services for over 20 years;
  • We use all services offered by AD REM Group during our relocations: cargo transport by road, sea, air, railway or in a multimodal way, storage in Vilnius and Klaipėda, customs clearance, local distribution, packing and insurance;
  • Our international relocation services are not limited to standard cargo and furniture. We are also engaged in the specific and nonstandard products.

Services offered by AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS:

  • Relocation in Europe;
  • International relocation of personal stuff to/from Lithuania;
  • International relocation of furniture;
  • International relocation of offices (furniture disassembling, assembling and safe transportation);
  • Diplomatic cargo (professional packing and delivery from door to door);
  • International relocation and transportation of musical instruments;
  • International transportation of exhibits and artwork;
  • Keeping stuff in heated storages in Vilnius and Klaipėda;
  • Consulting on relocation issues: order finishing term, liabilities, financial costs, packaging materials, documentation, customs and declaration issues, insurance, etc.

International relocation and transportation of furniture and diplomatic cargo is offered inside Europe and in other continents as well. Emergency cargo is delivered by air transport. In case you have many things to transport, we can organize an intercontinental shipment by sea. Sea transport is equally good for a couple of boxes and a full container. Since the process of international relocation consists of many elements, we name the exact price only after inspection of the object planned to be transported.

We offer free consultations on all issues considering relocation to foreign states: choosing the right packaging materials, documentation for customs procedures, additional insurance of the cargo, order fulfilment terms, etc.

We always advise using all services from the same hands (full relocation service package); however, we can offer each service (packing, carrying, transportation or other) separately, when necessary.

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