Relocation services in Vilnius

Relocation services in Vilnius offered by the professional team of AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS means fast, comfortable, safe and high-quality relocation of various items in Vilnius. AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS has been in the business in Vilnius for over 20 years. Many years of experience and international appreciation of the firm ensures high quality of the services, which also features affordable price for relocation services in Vilnius.

Relocation in Vilnius with AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS:

  • Relocation from Vilnius to other Lithuanian cities and vice versa;
  • Relocation in Vilnius and its precinct;
  • Emergency relocation in Vilnius;
  • Furniture transport in Vilnius: disassembling, packing (if ordered additionally), assembling and lading;
  • Relocation of offices and industrial premises;
  • Transportation of laboratory equipment, industrial or factory equipment and other devices;
  • Carrying and transportation of safes in Vilnius;
  • Transportation of industrial machinery in Vilnius;
  • Transportation of values and exhibits;
  • Relocation of domestic appliances and bulk items;
  • Search for accommodation in Vilnius;
  • Moving electronic devices, servers, and other devices;
  • Cargo minibus rent with a driver;
  • Transportation of pianos in Vilnius;
  • Transportation of other musical instruments in Vilnius;
  • Relocation of libraries in Vilnius.

We can keep your stuff in heated storages in Vilnius, if required. The service is free for one week, if you order other services as well. Free inspection of your stuff is offered in Vilnius city to evaluate exact extent of the stuff to be relocated.


  • High-quality relocation services have been offered in Vilnius for over 15 years already;
  • Specialization: local relocation, international relocation, and diplomatic cargo transportation;
  • The staff is experienced in the area of relocation services (the nucleus of the team has remained unchanged);
  • 10-year experience of work with diplomatic cargo and diplomat relocation;
  • Worldwide experience in and appreciation for international relocation of personal stuff, office stock, exhibits and industrial machinery;
  • We have been doing the relocation work in 50 states worldwide;
  • Packing services (three fourths of all stuff to be relocated can be packed on application by the client);
  • Experience of work with large projects of high value (e.g., delivery of instruments of E. Morricone Orchestra “from door to door”, transport of the paintings by M. K. Čiurlionis and exhibits from Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Centre);
  • We offer the professional consulting services on delivery terms, choosing transport type, packing personal stuff, quantitative restrictions for transportation of certain stuff, items forbidden to be transported by certain type of transport, receiving special permissions for antiques, transporting plants or animals, removal and transportation of bulk and heavy things.

AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS is the firm with many years of experience and appreciation in the area of cargo transport in Lithuania and worldwide; its professional team will take care of the comfortable, fast and safe relocation of your stuff without causing stress or any additional troubles. If you wish to have a responsible, fast and professional relocation of domestic appliances, furniture, piano or any other item in Vilnius, or just an emergency relocation in Vilnius, at an affordable price, AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS will successfully take care of it.


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