Transportation of dangerous goods

Transportation of dangerous goods - one of many AD REM TRANSPORT services. We strictly follow ADR and DGR rules.

Dangerous goods transportation are arranged following ADR rules (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) - a set of nine (according to the hazard level awarded from 1 to 9) risk classes. Each hazard class have criteria by which materials are assigned to one or another class. Following ADR and DGR rules makes transportation of dangerous goods successful. 

Transportation route is planned, cargo movement congesion is being tracked. We also take temperature regime into account (often cargo is transported in dry ice). Packaging requirements are also very important to us.We provide transportation for dangerous goods by road, sea and air (including radioactive, category 6), rail or multimodal.

We offer a special insurance for hazardous materials and dangerous goods transportation.


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