International transportation of diplomatic cargo

Hiring the AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS team with unmatched experience of work with diplomatic cargo, our clients can expect top quality services any time. It does not matter, whether it is a resettlement in Lithuania or an international relocation. Our clients can be sure transportation of their stuff will comply with the best standards and be under impeccable supervision. Our aim is to ensure fast and convenient relocation each and every time.

The MOVERS Department of AD REM TRANSPORT has been offering worldwide relocation services for twenty years already. The team of professionals of the Company, their organizational skills and cooperation with partners allow us offering the top quality service. The Company won the diplomatic cargo transportation from Lithuania to its embassies and vice versa tender organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2006 for the first time, and is currently fulfilling the terms and conditions of the fourth tender on international transportation of diplomatic cargo won. We are the expeditors, who transport cargo by air, sea, road and railway, and the logistics company that looks for the most optimal solution of international relocation.

The Company relocates Lithuanian diplomats and persons working abroad as well as officers of foreign embassies and their families working in Lithuania. The MOVERS Department has been recently concentrating on the work in Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, and has already incorporated the Company‘s agency in the city.

In fact, each item has individual requirements in regard of transportation, so the Company offer consulting services (on how to pack stuff, how long the relocation process is, what the extent of stuff to be relocated is, how to choose the right type of transport for the safe and timely international transportation of diplomatic cargo) to the interested people.

Quality guarantees success

Managers of the Company hold the position to have staff employees, who would remain loyal and form a representative image of the Company; therefore, we consider aesthetic look, knowledge of packaging materials and technologies as well as foreign languages rather than just a labour force. Such attitude allows ensuring high quality transportation.

Most often clients choose our Company based on recommendations by the existing clients, who spread the word on the professionalism and competence of our team and reliability of our Company to others. To tell the truth, price is the main factor in public tenders; however, the Company interprets the concept of price a little broader. Low price does not ensure good service. The price matters, certainly, but one should have in mind the Company has been operating for over twenty years, it has got the international ISO certificates and is a member to many associations, so it appreciates its good name.

AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS guarantees quality and safety of international relocation. We are ready to transport anything our client needs, limitless, the Company will handle any task.

Services offered by AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS:

  • Diplomatic cargo (professional packing, delivery from door to door);
  • International relocation of personal stuff to/from Lithuania;
  • International transportation of exhibitions;
  • International transportation of exhibits of very high value;
  • International transportation of musical instruments;
  • Transportation of antiques;
  • Cargo packing and loading;
  • Specific packaging materials;
  • Wooden boxes for transportation of bulk size items, for example, exhibits, manufactured on the basis of your needs and requests;
  • Keeping stuff in the heated storages in Vilnius;
  • Free consultations on all issues of international relocation, such as choosing proper packaging materials, documentation for customs clearance, additional cargo insurance, order fulfilment term, etc.;
  • We always recommend to use all services from the same hands (full relocation service package); however, we can offer each service (packing, carrying stuff upstairs/downstairs, transportation or any other), when required.


Membership and awards
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