“White Gloves“ removals

While working in the moving service industry, we face a range of many different things. Some of them have great material value, others have emotional value for the owner. Despite what value we are talking about, we understand that these items are always very important to our customers, so we do our absolute best to provide the best protection during the removal process.

“White Gloves“ company is the removal service that can provide the best care for your precious belongings. Just imagine a service that is fully tailored in accordance to your needs, that is carried with attention to every detail and to individual specifics of your things. That is exactly what “White Gloves“ removal services are!

These moving services are combined of many different steps to ensure the highest quality possible:

  • Packaging is done very carefully, customizing the packaging to the specifics of the item. Most important part here is selecting the most suitable materials for packing. Not only is this very comfortable for the busy customers, we can also provide this service at the point of initial collection, thus minimizing the risk of damage.
  • The production of specialized packaging helps to ensure the security of each item during removal, as each item is extremely important to us.
  • Transportation of high value cargo always comes with a higher risk. That is why we take care of all the safety guarantees from quality packaging to insurance.
  • Express delivery service is a possibility that our customers can also take advantage of. When there is no time to wait, a time is not on your side or you just want to go through the moving phase as quickly as possible, our moving experts will make sure that your belongings would reach their destination very fast.
  • Assembly / disassembly of furniture. No need to worry about where to find someone for this task. Save your precious time by entrusting this job to our competent professionals.
  • Storage services can be used to ensure continuous flow of a moving process. You don’t have to worry if any intermediate stops or special storage conditions are needed – we will take care about storage service for you.
  • Documentation can be very tricky if that is your first time moving as lack of knowledge may become a major problem. Our specialists will make sure that the entire moving process would be fast, smooth and easy for you. All documents, insurance certificates, risk assessment and other important paperwork will be done fast and efficient by our team of professionals.
  • Packaging material recovery makes the whole process a lot easier, as our customers don’t have to worry about such details as trash that is left after moving.

White gloves? Of course, we'll wear them if we need to ... and so much more! Our professional movers will take care not only of delivering the items, but also of unpacking or even assembling them. And if you need something like a nail to hang the picture - just let us know! This service is designed to meet individual needs of the customer, so please share with us what services might help you. Discover a new quality standard that will make you always feel safe and allow yourself to enjoy moving quality you always wanted to receive.

The meaning behind “White Gloves” is the overall coordination of the removals process, which allows our customers to enjoy carefree moving experiences. No matter what is your cargo or what size it is, our team is here to ensure high quality logistics service in every situation:White Gloves relocation, removals

  • Furniture removals;
  • Transportation of cars and other vehicle;
  • Transportation of art works and exhibitions
  • Transportation of musical instruments;
  • Relocation of production equipment, etc.

Do you need help with removal? Our team of movers is always ready to meet new challenges; therefore, we believe we can relocate anything! Trust our logistics professionals and forget your worries about the moving process.

Not sure if that suits your needs? White Gloves Moving Services covers vide variety of directions:

  • Domestic removals within the country, with or without packaging and / or warehousing services;
  • International removals within the EU with a bundle of additional services, in any direction, with several intermediate destinations or to a single destination;
  • International removals to USA from the EU and other countries, opting for the optimal route and mode of transportation;
  • International removals to Canada from the EU and third countries, opting for the optimal route and mode of transportation;
  • International removals to Japan from the EU and third countries, opting for the optimal route and mode of transportation.

With “White Gloves” moving company, you can always feel safe about your cargo - our professionals will take care of all the services you may need and will coordinate the whole process so your cargo would reach your destination safely and on time. Choose the highest quality with AD REM Group.

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