Packing services: packing, materials and lading

In order to transport the objects under relocation safely high-quality cargo packing is important. It can be assumed by the professional team of AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS that knows and does its job well and represents the AD REM TRANSPORT company appreciated in Lithuania and worldwide. Each resettlement is unique so, in order to do it successfully, one should plan all actions in advance and have sufficient information on relocation and packing of items.

Packing services (it is useful to know):

  • In case of transport by land or sea your package will be lifted up and put down minimum 12 times, and minimum 20 times in case of air transport;
  • Trust your fragile and valuable stuff as well as domestic appliances to packing professionals (in case of international relocation, especially): your stuff will fit our relocation boxes safely ad our team will deliver the boxes;
  • You can pack part of your stuff yourselves; however, to save time and be sure the stuff is packed correctly, you can leave the entire process for professionals;
  • The AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS team has got over 20 years of experience and can guarantee the professional resettlement, so you can be sure you get high-quality packing services;
  • If you order a local relocation service, you can rent the packages;
  • As soon as your stuff reaches their destination point, you can take an advantage of unpacking service to save your time and ensure safe and responsible unpacking;
  • The correct grouping and packing of objects can help saving the transportation space (the AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS team will ensure the right and safe positioning of all stuff to be relocated).

Packing materials:

  • Stretch membrane and adhesive tape for package reinforcement;
  • Boxes for resettlement: boxes for hanging garments, boxes for folded garments, boxes for bedding and boxes for books;
  • Packing paper and durable safety paper;
  • Air bubble membrane with paper or foam stiffener;
  • Wooden container and wooden boxes;
  • Universal boxes;
  • Cardboard sheets and other materials you may need.

Cargo packing and other services offered by AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS:

  • Free inspection of the stuff to be relocated to evaluate extent of the work in Vilnius;
  • Packing services in Vilnius;
  • Packing services in Kaunas;
  • Packing services in Šiauliai;
  • Packing services in Klaipėda;
  • Manufacturing of wooden boxes to ensure safe, high-quality and fast relocation of your stuff.


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