Relocation to/from Belgium

Each resettlement, especially the international one, is a unique process that requires appropriate preparations, thorough planning and exact performance. The team of AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS professionals with over 20 years of experience can guarantee professional relocation to Belgium without any additional troubles. We are recognized in Lithuania for our professional packing and high-quality transportation services. The standing of specialists in the AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS team is from 6 to over 20 years, so their professionalism grows with every new relocation order. Using the special calculators, we can name you the exact price for your relocation to/from Belgium. We use only high-quality packaging materials to pack personal stuff, souvenirs, artwork, furniture and equipment. We have our own storages and transport for local and international relocation by land as well as qualified managers to organize cargo transport by air and sea. This makes your relocation from Belgium to Lithuania free of additional troubles or expense.

Our qualified team will ensure short, safe and high-quality relocation from/to Belgium. We are also appreciated internationally as professionals in the area for offering top quality relocation services and efficient organization of the entire relocation process. Therefore, our services of relocation to/from Belgium will protect you from additional stress and allow comfortable, easy and fast resettlement.

Relocation to/from Belgium with AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS:

  • Professional and thorough packing of the items to be transported using the special packaging materials (also applies to bulk items);
  • Safe loading to the vehicle (we transport stuff internationally by the same vehicle without any reload);
  • Professional and high-quality packaging ensures your stuff will not be damaged even if transported at the longest distances;
  • Carrying the transported stuff to a place indicated by you and unpacking;
  • Use of the special outside lifting technique in case of narrow staircases;
  • Removing garbage that remains after unpacking, if required;
  • Cargo insurance, if requested;
  • Storage of your stuff in Brussels, Vilnius or Klaipėda.

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