Transportation of animals

Transportation of animals by air is one of the most interesting AD REM TRANSPORT activities. This service is chosen by those customers who are concerned about their pets during travel by aircraft. Please note that we provide this international pet transport service only from Vilnius airport (Lithuania).

Answers to frequently asked questions:

- What is the most important part planning pet transportation by air?

The most important part of pet shipping is that your selected airlines are co-operating with AD REM TRANSPORT. Pet begins and ends its trip at the same airline which it started at;

Flight directions - all over the world: the U.S. , the EU and the CIS, South-East Asia . Animals, which are brought to AD REM office in Vilnius, will safely reach the airport and will be placed on a plane, flying to your desired location.

- What does determine the cost of transportation of the animal?

The price is determined by the direction of travel. Sometimes a short distance to transport a pet is more expensive than distant countries. In addition, the price depends on the airlines, the way the service is granted, by the size of the animal cages and its weight. So if the flight is with a transfer or overnight, it will add an additional cost (pets stay in hotels, rest, are walked, fed, etc.). Hotel for animals can cost 30-80 euros per night. 

- What special cage’s requirements apply arranging airfreight for pet?

Pet shipping has few most important requirements. It is very important that there be enough space for the animal to stand up, turn around, and exercise its legs. Fresh water and food are placed in the box.

- What shall I do if I chose AD REM TRANSPORT Pet transportation service?

First, you must go to the pet veterinary clinics. Once you have all the necessary vaccinations, you also must take care for the subcutaneous microchip. If pet is shipped outside the EU countries - it needs special veterinary certificate.

Then you need to contact AD REM TRANSPORT air cargo department and settle the exact date of the flight in order to organize pet relocation.

- How long does it take to prepare the trip?

If animal veterinary documents are prepared, we can organize a flight within a week. It is important that there be a place for your animal in the airplane. Also, we need to get the confirmation from the airlines about your animal acceptance.


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