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Within over twenty years of operation the AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS team has gathered much knowledge that facilitates the process of moving and ensures high-quality and fast lading work. The MOVERS branch of our Company offers loading services irrespective of relocation distance, quantity or package of items or difficulty of loading.

Our employees use special calculators and their own experience to name the exact price for the desired services. We offer free inspections in Vilnius city to evaluate the exact extent of the items to be relocated. We have our own storages, transport for local and international relocation by road, and qualified managers able to organize cargo transport by air and sea. Loading services offered by AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS have been appreciated as high-quality, fast and safe services in Lithuania and worldwide. We offer free consultations on all issues concerning relocation to foreign states, such as choosing proper packaging materials, documentation for customs clearance, additional cargo insurance, order finishing term, etc.

If you decide to cooperate with our company, our managers will coordinate the relocation process step by step and spare you their attention throughout the entire relocation. This ensures fast, well-organized and professional lading services.

The professional team of packers can help you with planning and preparations for relocation. They will inform you about peculiarities of the process, so that the relocation would not cause additional troubles to you. This allows you to prevent additional stress, problems and expense in the process of lading. If you decide to pack your stuff individually, the packaging materials obtained will be transported for free in Vilnius city. Our team will explain how to pack and distribute items to make the cargo reach its destination undamaged and cause no problem unpacking it.

On the packing day the team will arrive at the exact time and have all instruments and tools required for their work. Our team is well-reputed because they pack quickly, orderly and professionally. We wrap furniture in the high-quality bubble membrane hardened with polyester or cardboard, and the boxes are made of five-layer cardboard and have convenient cavities (“handles”) for successful carrying. We do not have breaks until we pack and load all stuff, irrespective of possible difficulties, such as taking out heavy objects or nonstandard furniture in a narrow staircase or in case of a lift out of order.

Loading services offered by the professional team of AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS mean fast and high-quality organization and successful finishing of the ordered work.

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