Exhibition logistics and international transportation of musical instruments

AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS is the team of professionals with over twenty years of experience in the area and appreciated in Lithuania and abroad. The continuous improvement and successful organization of work allows to do transportation of high-value, fragile or easily damageable items. It is the fast, reliable and top quality logistics of exhibitions and international transportation of exhibits, stands, theatre decorations and musical instruments. We are the professionals ready to save your time and costs thus ensuring high-quality, fast and reliable transportation services.

International logistics with AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS:

  • International transportation of exhibitions;
  • International transportation of the exhibits of extremely high value;
  • International transportation of musical instruments;
  • Transportation of antiques;
  • Cargo packing and lading;
  • Specific materials for packing (stretch membrane and bubble membrane, adhesive tape, boxes for hanging garments, folded garments, bedding and books, packing paper or durable protective paper, cardboard boxes, wooden containers, universal boxes, etc., as requested;
  • Manufacture of wooden boxes for nonstandard cargo, such as exhibits, on the basis of your needs and requests;
  • Consultations on additional issues;
  • Fast and high-quality transportation of pianos at an affordable price.

Finished projects:

We organized transportation of the exhibition “Invisible Cultural Bridges. Lithuania and Africa” (“Nematomi kultūrų tiltai. Lietuva ir Afrika”) to the Republic of South Africa. Our Company was also trusted to transport the paintings by Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis. The Relocation Department had to take of the safe delivery of the exhibition brought by the military plane from Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, from Karmėlava Airport to the museum in Kaunas. The exhibits of Japanese culture and art were transported on application by the Japanese Embassy during the Japanese Culture Days in Lithuania. A part of Jonas Mekas Museum archives travelled to New York with AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the “Fluxus” Movement. We brought the archives worth 1.5 million Euro by the photo artist Vitas Luckus from USA. Thanks to the professionals of AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS many other logistic solutions concerning various exhibits of art have been implemented.

AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS is the guarantee of quality and safety in international transport and logistics. We are the professionals and, working for the best of your interests, aim to do all lading and transport work impeccably, organize successful work, do it well and fast, ensure full safety of the transported cargo and reduce your costs thus making no compromise to the service quality. By choosing the transportation services offered by AD REM TRNASPORT MOVERS, you ensure your cargo is transported without any additional stress or troubles even at the longest distances. We carry out international relocations worldwide with our reliable long-term partners, and we do the European relocations using our own special transport, which also guarantees safety and high quality. Many years of experience and professionalism of our firm has earned high recognition in Lithuania. We have been transporting various cargos for over fifteen years, so we are the appreciated experts of the area. Professionalism and organizational skills of our team ensure safe and reliable relocation. AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS represent the professional logistics of exhibitions and international transportation of musical instruments.

AD REM TRANSPORT has sponsored many Lithuanian art projects. We transported publications, artwork and various exhibits to various foreign states.

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