Moving and international transportation of safes

Local moving and international transportation of safes is the responsible process that requires thorough preparations and planning. To ensure high quality of fulfilment, you should trust it to the professionals, the team of MOVERS Department of AD REM TRANSPORT Company. We have been recognized in Lithuania as the company offering the specialized top quality lading and transportation services of heavy-duty and bulk items for over twenty years already. International companies appreciate us as the professionals in the area, including such services as international transportation of the office, laboratory and factory facilities, safes and server consoles.

Safe transportation service requires professionalism and efficient organization of work. This is what AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS offers. We guarantee high-quality, fast and safe transportation of your stuff as well as saving of time and costs.

Transportation of safes with AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS:

  • Local moving of safes (speed, quality and responsibility throughout the entire process);
  • International relocation of safes is the responsible process, so choosing the professionals you ensure that transportation of your cargo will not cause additional problems, costs or stress;
  • On your request the safe will be packed for transportation professionally to prevent damaging in the process of resettlement, facilitate the process and save your money;
  • Fast and safe loading of the safes by the professional staff of AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS;
  • Transportation planned by our managers to the smallest detail means the successfully organized process, so your safe will travel fast, safe and well even the longest distances;
  • We recommend trusting unloading work to the professionals thus ensuring speed and quality of the process.

We usually transport the average-sized safes weighing from 250 to 700 kg; however, we also have experience of moving the 1,400 kg safe from the floor 11 of the Hanner Business Centre.We have the possibility to use special machines and employ the team of strong and skilful people. Carrying of a very heavy safe requires making some preparations to protect doorways, flooring and stairs beforehand. Transportation of safes is the important step that should be planned and done by the professionals acting on your behalf as well as saving your time and money. Trust the step to the responsible and qualified team of AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS, who has been working for the best of your interests for over 10. Trust relocation work to us and get a team of professionals to make you resettlement easier, faster and more reliable than ever before!


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