Manufacture of wooden boxes

The AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS Company ensures fast, high-quality and reliable lading services and takes care of the safety of your cargo thus eliminating all the relating troubles and saving your time. AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS is the manufacturer of wooden boxes and wooden packages for safe transportation of fragile or high-value items even at the longest distances. We also manufacture nonstandard wooden boxes for transportation of mechanisms and laboratory equipment. The transportation boxes are recommended for transportation inside the territory of Lithuania as well as abroad.

AD REM TRNASPORT MOVERS also manufacture nonstandard wooden boxes. This means that, irrespective of the size, your cargo will travel safe and reliable and you will avoid additional stress and troubles. Nonstandard boxes are manufactured on the basis of drawings made according to your personal needs and requests. Making a nonstandard box can take from one to several hours. This depends on the size of the object to be transported as well as transportation type and distance.

The wooden transportation boxes allow high-quality transportation of personal stuff, fragile items, domestic appliances, artwork and furniture without damaging them. AD REM TRNASPORT MOVERS is the team of professionals that successfully earned the title of top-quality lading company at the international level. It also manufactures wooden boxes meant for fast and untroubled transportation of diplomatic cargo, artwork, exhibition stands and other valued items at the longest distances.

We have been professionals in the area for over twenty years and we continue to improve. Therefore, we know the appropriate package of the cargo is as important as high-quality transportation. Organizing our work, we always consider nonstandard size cargo and manufacture optimum size wooden boxes to ensure safe transportation and protection from natural forces. The wooden boxes fit for local and international transportation of personal and valued items, artwork, exhibits and glass. By trusting organization of the transportation to us, you receive a high-quality and kind service without any stress or high expense. Professionalism in the area ensures full safety and speed making no compromise to quality.
Since raw wood cannot enter third countries, we make wooden packages from the specifically processed wood. Wooden boxes are most often made of the wood shaving panels.

Therefore, manufacture of the wooden packages engaged in by AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS, is, undoubtedly, a successful solution for high-quality, fast and reliable transportation of the most fragile objects that require professional packages, lading and transportation. Thanks to our many years of experience, high qualification and good organization we do all of the relocation services ourselves that is, without hiring subcontractors. This allows working to the best of your interests and reducing relocation costs. Specialists of the AD REM TRANSPOT MOVERS team have been working for the Company for from 6 to over 20 years, so their professionalism grows with each and every new relocation order.


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