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AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS is the team of professionals with over twenty years of experience in organizing and offering the wide range moving services. One of the services is office relocation. Organizing such an important process as office relocation requires successful and reasonable planning as well as high-quality relocation performance. Thanks to the many years of experience, AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS can offer top quality service as well as fast and safe transportation. Thanks to the extensive practice, our professional team can resolve bulk size cargo transportation issues efficiently and quickly (we manufacture nonstandard size boxes according to your needs and wishes, carefully pack each item and position in the vehicle so that the items remained undamaged even in the case of most distant relocation. Office relocation is a responsible process and our professionals can finish it duly.

AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS are highly appreciated in Lithuania as the specialists of heavy-duty and bulk items; we are also recognized in the international markets. We are appreciated worldwide as the Company that guarantees quality, speed and safety. Our experience and continuous improvement allows guaranteeing that relocation of your office will be fast, safe and cost- and time-saving. We ensure organized and reliable transportation at an affordable price thus making no compromise to quality of the services. Our specialists will take care that relocation of your office would not cause additional problems, stress or troubles.

Office relocation with AD REM TRANSPORT MOVERS:

  • Inspection of office facilities to name the exact price for the services;
  • Transportation schedule is planned to offer the service as soon as possible and finish relocation within the shortest period acceptable to you;
  • Packing office furniture, installations, electronics, etc.;
  • Disassembling and assembling of office furniture (as required);
  • Fast, high-quality and safe office relocation making you free from any relating troubles;
  • Fat service to reduce interruption of your company‘s business to the minimum;
  • Safe packing and relocation of sensitive electronics and other items.

We are experienced in relocation of factory, industrial and laboratory facilities with all equipment. We can disassemble, assemble and launch your industrial equipment in a new place of operation.

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