JSC AD REM LEZ - logistics center, which is located in one of the free economic zones of Lithuania (city of Klaipeda).

JSC AD REM LEZ was established at the beginning of 2007 and belongs to one of the largest logistics, transport and warehousing group of companies in Lithuania- AD REM. The main activities of our company are dedicated to enhance AD REM (group of companies) services provided, to propose the most optimum logistics solutions to clients, as well as servicing imported, exported and transit cargo by sea transport, and also to satisfy requirements of clients, which are located in Western Lithuania and countries of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

Since 2008, JSC AD REM LEZ has been operating and administrating bonded customs warehouses. At the beginning of 2012, our company founded a new free warehouse, which is under direct control of the customs institution. The procedures of export in the free warehouse are closed inside economical zone of European Union.

Combination of our operated warehouses, railway access roads, transport and professional staff allows us to offer our customers full set of multimodal transportation combining sea, land and rail transport. We are ready in most efficient way to fulfill expectations of our customer - to deliver the goods on time and at the lowest cost. We apply modern logistics solutions, transportation management systems allows us to reduce the cost and speed up the transportation and increases  security. 

  • Port of Klaipeda - the northernmost ice-free port in the Baltic Sea. New and modern (Category A) under customs control and 3PL warehouses, more than 25,000 m2 in Klaipeda Free Economic Zone;
  • Free warehouses under customs control - will enable to complete export procedures from EU countries without crossing the border physically. It allows exporters quickly to recover VAT or to perform resale of goods outside the EU institutions jurisdictional borders;
  • A modern warehouse management system (WMS) allows you to monitor stock in real time, arrival or preparation for departure of goods, to track lot and serial numbers;
  • Open cargo storage area of 10 000 m2 and office space for rent of 1000 m2 for customers of logistics center.

Port of Klaipeda - the northernmost ice-free port in the Baltic Sea.

  • We cooperate with all the world's largest marine container operators;
  • We continuously monitor and analyze the marine transportation market;
  • We organize transportation of containers from all ports of all over the world;
  • We will deliver the containers to the customer's location in the Baltic and CIS countries;
  • We will take care for the preparation of all necessary customs and transport documents.

Wide (Russian) railway track (1520 mm) siding connects directly with wagon loading ramp and warehouse, it enables to send / receive cargo to / from all countries of the CIS.

Services provided:

  • Cargo storage services in bonded warehouse;
  • Cargo storage services in free warehouse/closing of export declarations;
  • Services of import/export terminal;
  • Accounting of goods/reports of warehousing operations;
  • Mechanical and manual loading;
  • Cargo labeling, preaparation for further transportation, goods sorting, packing, re- packing, weighing, pallets formation;
  • Wraper‘s and sticker‘s labeling; Quality, batch and expirity data control;
  • 3 PL (Third Party Logistics)- integrated logistics services;
  • Services of cargo distribution;
  • Sea containers transportation over Lithuania and countries of CIS;
  • Customs brokerage services.


AD REM Group

AD REM - the largest customs brokerage company in Lithuania.

International cargo transportation and forwarding services.

Warehousing and logistics operator in Vilnius.

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