Freight forwarding: Croatia

Partial cargo transportation (LTL):

Cargo collection: Every day

Deprarture from terminal: Fridays


Road freight (road cargo transportation) to Croatia is arranged through the mentioned countries: Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Transportation by road is carried out in the following cities in the Croatia: Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Zadar, Velika Gorica.

Road Freight forwarding and transportation by truck is also arranged to (from) other cities or terminals that are not mentioned.

AD REM Transport provides road freight forwarding services by land transport to (from) all the European countries.

Transit time:

Lithuania (Vilnius) / HR (Zagreb) - 6-7 d.;

Latvia (Riga) / HR (Zagreb) - 7-8 d.;

Estonia (Tallinn) / HR (Zagreb) - 7-8 d.;

Belarus (Minsk) / HR (Zagreb) - 8-9 d.

HR (Zagreb) / Lithuania (Vilnius) - 6-7 d.;

HR (Zagreb) / Latvia (Riga) - 7-8 d.;

HR (Zagreb) / Estonia (Tallinn)/ - 7-8 d.;

HR (Zagreb) / Belarus (Minsk) - 8-9 d.;

Full cargo transportation(FTL):

Tonnage: 90 cbm;

Departure: every day

  • Shipment transportation, cargo delivery, freight forwarding from/to Croatia: Zagreb, Split and other cities;
  • Transportation of hazardous cargo (ADR3 – ADR9).


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